Hastings and Rother Triathlon & Cycling Club


Hastings & Rother Triathlon Club will be running session in Schools offering the opportunity for the pupils to develop skills which will allow them to take part at the end of the term in a multiple-stage competition (Weather & facilities dependant).

We were delighted to arrange St Richards Catholic College yearly Aquathlon event at Ashburnham Place in July, over 80 pupils swum 50 Metres followed by a 400 Metre run

The session will include

Swimming: Warm up/Stretching, specific arm & leg drills, front crawl, sighting, Cool down.

Cycling: Warm up/Stretching, Technique/drills (Mount/dismount, cornering, gear changing), Endurance/Speed Work (Low/Medium Intensity), Cool down.

Running: Warm up/stretching, Technique/drills (Body posture), Build Endurance/Speed work, Cool down.

Transitions: Swim to Bike & Bike to Run 

The Children will need,

Swimming - Trunks/costume, goggles

Cycling - Bike & Helmet, sports kit (Possibly Turbo Trainers, depending on space)

Running - Trainers & sports kit

Water for hydration

We use the sport of triathlon to inspire children to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle. We work across the UK to bring a fun, free and inclusive experience of sport to children who might otherwise not have the opportunity. Our non-competitive events use a combination of swimming, biking, running, to get kids active, both indoors and outdoors.

Triathlon will also teach your Children to have respect for themselves, colleagues & opposing athletes, it also grows their self confidence, discipline, social skills, & self motivation.

In order to make a lifestyle-changing impact, we deliver multiple opportunities including,

In-school training sessions and events
Multi-school triathlon festivals

If you would like to offer Triathlon in your school please get in touch today to find out more.

Children can use the link here to find out more about body conditioning https://www.britishtriathlon.org/training/strength-and-conditioning